Dubbed Merdeka PNB118, the 630m-tall tower is anticipated to become the tallest building in Southeast Asia when it’s finished by 2020 and in the nation.

In contrast, the 452m-tall twin towers, constructed during the management of former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, was the world’s tallest building when it was ended in 1998.

In 2010, Dr Mahathir said he expected the Merdeka PNB118 tower would be constructed as he’d be unhappy to see it overshadow the Petronas Twin Towers, after he’s gone.

I want to keep the Twin Towers as the greatest buildings in Malaysia. At that instant, we do’t want than that. We should construct the 100-storey tower, but perhaps a bit after when I’m not about.”

Mr Najib responded that it’s not his aim to reduce the heritage of the former Prime Minister. That ’s a statement that is completely frivolous. What Tun Mahathir has done is commendable, what we should do is move on and to build on his success.”

Based on Y. Y. Lau, State Head of JLL Malaysia, the present office oversupply in Kuala Lumpur will worsen due to important property projects entering the marketplace in 2019.

Likewise, Malaysia’s central bank has increased worries about the present office glut, noting the huge projects in the capital increases the yearly average supply of office space to 4.9 million sq ft, compared to the historic average of 2.8 million sq feet per annum.

“In other states, this (office oversupply scenario) really precipitated an economic slowdown,” noted its Deputy Governor, Dr Sukhdave Singh, during a seminar organised by the Malaysian Economic Association.